Monday, 10 March 2014

What are you reading?

Ok so since my nails have been somewhat uninspiring the last few days (plus I'm having annoying cuticle/hang nail issues!) I figured I'd talk about something else.
I mentioned in my world book day post that I've recently got back into reading. Or at least I've recently started reading again, since I'm always into reading just sometimes depression or anxiety get in the way.
Reading is a wonderful type of escapism though, I love having a fantasy world to retreat to when I don't like the real one much (see the picture at the end which I swiped off 'truisms' fb page). The books I read are actually generally unpleasant in their subject matter.... But it's unreal unpleasantness. It's rare I read non fiction, except for academic purposes, simply because I don't get that same sense of hiding away in non-reality (notable exception being Stephen Fry's autobiography, because the man is awesome). I read a lot of fantasy :p lol. I'm in love with Terry pratchett and discworld because I can pick up a new book and settle into it and feel I know the place. I like series because it's like catching up with old friends instead of going through that awkward getting to know you stage with strangers. And I love the vein of total bizarre-ness running through, the humour and the way he plays with language.
Speaking of which: hitchhikers guide anyone? In fact that's what started this recent reading spree. It's exactly the sort of thing I would read and yet some how I'd never read it. So I rectified that and read the whole series straight off. But ya know, since I was in the Kindle store anyway I grabbed a couple of crime thrillers- Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs Oh and karin slaughter, all of which are series I follow. I also grabbed another Douglas Adams and the latest terry pratchett. Then I figured I'd branch out a bit- freebies in the form of out of copyright les miserables, Alice in wonderland and the divine comedy. Randomly the wizard of oz stories. Last but not least the Bell jar by Sylvia Plath... which I've always wanted to read but been a little wary of because of the subject matter (plus it's only nominally fiction given that it's viewed to be largely biographical).
If that wasn't enough I bought a Linwood barclay and a Karen Rose in a tesco 2 for £7 offer and mum handed me down the orphan choir (a ghost story by Sophie hannah, who usually writes psychological thrillers) and snow White must die, a German crime thriller.
Phew I think that's it. I've read about half of those so far but would love anyone's recommendations on what to read next? I do enjoy branching out (I kinda want to read some 'classics' or modern classics) but I do like to retreat to fantasy or murder in between lol. X