Monday, 23 September 2013

33 day challenge day 1-dots much the same way I soar to have started a blog I altar to have joined crumpet's nail tarts' 33 day challenge. I don't know how this happened exactly but I expect I thought it would be fun!
Day one is dots...I fail at coming up with dot designs that are anything other than neat little rows (which is the title of a brilliant elbow song btw lol it up! That's not the point). So I decided to go off on a random tangent that vaguely relates back to my blog: chemicals. More specifically two neurotransmitters. Thumb is serotonin and middle is dopamine. Two nice friendly little chemicals that whizz around the brain and make us feel happiness and calmness and pleasure. Something like that anyway. I'll admit the representations aren't a hundred per cent accurate... is not easy to draw chemicals in your nails, who knew? Poor little hydrogen got left out for a start as it was just too fiddly!
So there you have it brain chemicals made out of dots for a nail art challenge on a mental health awareness blog. It all fits together somewhere right?!
Black and red are Essie liquorice and snap happy (Oh appropriate name lol) Blue is unlabelled colour club and base is number 17 silver holo. X