Wednesday, 4 September 2013

And for my next trick...

So today was training day for the time to change event I posted about a few days ago. So off I toddled to Huntingdon..... Very proud I found my way all the way there and to the right building and everything without the satnav. Largely cos I've forgotten where I put it Haha. Anyway I met some lovely people and chatted about some interesting stuff..... Some of which I may touch on another time. However, since the drive took about two hours Thanks to the road works at Thetford (but Yay dual carriageway is coming :D) i'm kinda shattered. And I fail at coherent sentences at the best of times. So I'm afraid it's another list.... This time of things I want to try:
Like this Cath Kidston design by one nail to rule them all... She makes it sound so simple in her tutorial but I'm not convinced :p. Fun to try though.
Kettlercise I need to get motivated to use my gym membership. And there' s a lady keeps telling me how much fun this class is.
Homemade hummus.... For no or reason than in totally obsessed with the stuff right now lol.

I'm sure there were more but it's really too late for this thinking malarkey :p. Night.
Oh ps. Nails lol: