Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Two magic geese a magic wand and a giveaway

Hmm well I can show you the geese and the giveaway (ooo alteration, like! Lol)... The wand I just want. My head is being a bit rubbish this week, I'm struggling with that heavy cba feeling. It's days like this where I get all mopey and self pitying and wish someone would just wave a magic wand and make it all better.  Unfortunately that isn't possible so I'll keep taking the meds, keep seeing the therapist and keep up the mindfulness.... and hope for the best :p. And quit daydreaming about what I can't have!
Now onto what I DO have. First up a quick giveaway link. Datyorkloves is celebrating her five hundredth post by giving away a set of LA colors minis. Clicky clicky lol.
The second thing, which I'm very excited about, is two magic goose polishes that came in the post today. I'll do a proper post about them soon as they are very beautiful but here's a sneak peak since I couldn't resist playing this morning. Very quick and very scruffy as I really didn't have time but like I say proper post soon. There's no top coat here and they're not even properly dry(!!) But still!
Check out the magic goose shop here.