Monday, 2 September 2013

Brain Freeze

Oh dear, my brain doesn't seem to be working. Its been a long day lol.
What can i think of to say?
Things that are awesome:
- frozen frubes
- the end of the summer holidays....and hopefully some return to normality, whatever that may be
- the digit-al dozen one year anniversary giveaway
- sleep
- Stephen King's Dark Tower series (which im vaguely obsessed with so will no doubt ramble about more in future)
- sunsunsun :)

Things that are less awesome:
- apathy...depression is being a nuisance right now and consequently any kind of motivation seems to have gone on holiday
- Shorter days :'(......the long nights in winter affect my mental health quite a bit too much

Well the plus list is a lot longer than the negative one so im gonna count that as a win. And to prove it here are today's happy nails.  Though the pic is appalling lol, scuse my face in the background :p. The scruffy is cos i realised i needed to pee straight after painting them....any tips?
New polish yay :D i will rainbow over you from Nail lacquer UK lovelove