Thursday, 19 September 2013

playing at being a proper polish blogger

IToday I received the grab bag I ordered from gnarly gnails blog sale and since id got a free afternoon I figured id indulge myself and swatch them. I say indulge myself since a dim room and phone camera isn't necessarily conducive to helpful swatch photos lol. Nevertheless...
Sidetracked by ruby white tips...can it pause a moment to say i love the bottle? Little things and little minds haha.
This is the first major picture fail, expect more lol. I love this a's purple and it's shimmery of course i do. It looks more...delicate irl, the pic makes it look kinda sludgey but its a much more subtle colour.
moving swiftly on then! I covered it with Shimmer Adrienne:
Tbh there's so much glitter in this i probably could have gotten away with a few layers of it on it's's just my personal preference not to wear gkitters that way (swatch fail number two lol) so this isbone coat over side tracked. Here's a slightly better pic:

I decided to swatch the next two together a) cos im lazy and b) cos they're teeny tiny bottles and i wanted somenleft to actually play with. This issea lore adella (gold) andabottle tgat's just labelled with glitter me this (pink...obviously lol), both over rimmel black out.

It doesn't say much for my photography that ive managed to makenpink abd gold look incredibly similar lol. But i promise the pink especially is really pretty. The gold is one coat and the pink i one on the index and two on the ring. I fail at applying glitters nicely and these both went on really easily so that's a major plus! i like them both but i probably wouldn't choose anything quite as bling as the gold myself.
speaking of bling:

Polish me xrazy pot of gold may well be the OED definition of bling! Iprobably could have layered this over something as it took four coats for it to be as opaque as i wanted...but then i loathe even the lightest hint of sheerness so meh, anyway:

Im stryggling to imagine where i, personally, would wear it...but it's pretty and it applied nicely asides from needing lots of coats. I like that is has a teeny tiny ever so slight pinky edge to it making it softer and warmer.
Chirality gacy sorry but my inappropriate sense of humour likes the name! I like the polish too it's fun. I struggle a little with these style of glitters just cos they don't sit well with my more obsessively ordered side that likes everything to be neat and cobtrolable. My nuttiness aside though I love it. There's so much going on...and even with a mini bottle it was easy toofind and apply the glitter...i did chuck on aasecond coat of topcoat to make it a little smoother as it was a bit lumpy after one. Sooo final of the hundreds of pics for today:

I ran out of daylight lol. And it's blurry but oh well! Two coats over barbara daly snow.
Phew! Think ill stick to easy things like discussing the intricasies of mental health haha. x