Saturday, 28 September 2013

Finally magic goose swatches!

Firstly, apologies. I'm still relying on my phone a lot so a) the pics aren't great (tbf that's not entirely the phones fault lol) and b) they're all at the end! I'll try and fix the latter if I get my hands on a computer.

Sooo magic goose. Do have a look cos they're beautiful. They have a range of six polishes atm all based on Greek mythology.
When I eventually made a decision The first polish I picked was aphrodite, 'goddess of love, desire, pleasure and beauty' according to the website. Very appropriate seeing aa she's beautiful and I love her.... um the polish not the goddess that would be weird.
In my sneak peek post I showed aphrodite alone but for these pics it's a single coat over a sinful colours purple simply because personally I hate any hint of sheerness... As I mention repeatedly so you probably know lol. The blurry thumb pic is my trying to do a close up of one of the hearts which are pretty and shiny and holo-y. But I failed so you'll have to take my word for it. There aren't a huge number of hearts and I quite liked that, think it had a nice balance but if you're looking for several hearts on every nail you may be disappointed.
Oof there's a reason I never swatch I fail to think of anything useful to say! Ooo one thing: whilst I didn't want to take it off, when I did it was amazingly easy....I mean it's a glitter so it took a little work but compared to most glitters I've used Yea it was easy.

Second is electra. Now I'm afraid all my traitor brain can come up with for the name is Jung and the electra complex... which is totally irrelevant! The magic goose site, though, has a lovely description of electra and of the transposition of the story into polish so ignore me and read that.
Anyway electra is a glitter topper. In the pics in eating it over a blank cat polish that I'm writing about another day, hence only two nails of electra sorry. But isn't lovely? I hate applying mixed glitter toppers a lot because I hate having to dabble and fish around and rearrange....I'm way too inpatient and want something I can just polish and go with. Which is what I got here, so happy haha. The stars are plentiful and easy to catch and I live the pick and mix (sorry sweet focused! ) purple. There's a lot of holo here that the pics failed to capture. And.... Well it's just lovely! Lol.
Ooook I ramble, I'll shut up now. But don't forget to click on the magic goose link. X