Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Guilty pleasures

Linky Linky link sorry feeling lazy.
We all love things that we really shouldn't right?
Like the appalling dad jokes innocent smoothies post on their fb that eternally make me giggle. They remind me of my grandad- what did one eye say to the other? Between you and me something smells! Ha ha ha, groan...
Or crappy tv that you watch religiously (think doctors and gilmore girls).
Maybe junk food? Everyone loves junk food right? I'm a little in love with McDonald's McBites right now, I go to the drive through to buy tea during my breaks at work and somehow end up leaving with them as well haha.
There's always music....a quick scan of my phones music player throws up: dido- white flag, sandi thom- I wish I was a punk rocker (I really do lol) and a whole sum41 album!

Oh and the inspiration for the post? It's my day off and I'm still in bed at nearly midday :p.
What are everybody else's guilty little secrets?

(Nails are rimmel blank out plus a models own silver nail art pen.... and really scruffy! Lol)