Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tie a yellow ribbon

So sIightly dubious musical references aside I do have a serious point. Today is world suicide prevention day, of course being me I felt the need to paint my nails to mark this.
This is something I tara's talondery strongly about but somehow I pseem to be struggling to find what I want to say. Which I guess is the problem. Nobody wants to talk about it...so many negative connotations, people who are Suicidal are weak, selfish, attention seeking, dangerous even. None of these are true, and I say this having lost someone to suicide as well as having contemplated it myself. The impact of of a death by suicide is huge, long lasting and widespread but attributing such negative traits to those who genuinely feel so much pain that death feels like the only option helps nobody. In fact it only serves to further isolate people are make them less likely to reach out, seek help.
And there is help. There is a way out. I promise. Click here.
There are links at the end of the article but here's a list anyway.
UK-  samaritans 08457 909090 (also ROI on 0850 609090)
Australia- lifeline 13 11 14
New Zealand- lifeline new Zealand 0800 543 354
USA and Canada- national suicide prevention hotline 1800 273 TALK
5% of people will attempt it at some point in their life according to estimates, and one person succeeds every forty seconds world wide. We hear about wars and murders on the news daily.... suicide kills more people than both of those combined. It's ok to talk about it.

Ps. it occurs to me i should probably start mentioning the products i use so today was a black i forget the name of from rimmel, a black and a white modelsown nail art pen and the beautiful 'sandcastles' from tara's talons (little bit in love i confess lol).