Sunday, 22 September 2013

Just a quick post....

... cos I finally got round to wearing the dress I won in Charlotte's giveaway at science geek chic. And I'm slightly in love. 

I love Joe browns stuff so so much. But I hardly ever order cos I resent paying postage on returns and things rarely fit me :p. I'm cheap like that lol, but they're a little out of my price range in the first place :(. I have a feeling they're available in other places now though? Debenhams and kaleidoscope spring to mind. 

**edit** ok I lie... turns out they now have a free delivery options through hermes parcel shop. Bit of a chore out this way but encouraging definitely! my bank balance could be in trouble. 

I wore it to a wedding and I'm not convinced about the wedding-y-ness of the outfit in general but I was rushing Haha.... and anyway did I mention I live the dress? I would have loved to wear a classy little shrug and some pastel, or maybe turquoise, kitten heels (at 5'11" kitten heels are definitely my friends!). I would have loved to wear it without the leggings too but, well that's the price you pay for years of self harm I guess...I choose not to show my scars for the most part, I'm not ashamed exactly but they're hardly attractive.  Consequently I definitely need to go legging shopping (black milk??) And probably pick up some smarter cardis too!
But anyway enough of what I didn't wear and on to what I did wear. Sorry the pics are all just dumped at the end and not integrated I don't know how to do anything else from my phone. So first pic is the whole outfit and is an appalling photo cos it was nighttime and I was tipsy :p. The second is a close up of the print... and of course there had to be nails in there too, even though they're dull cos I ran out of time! Final pic is the Joe Brown's logo button, which I photoed cos I thought it was cute and I have a weird love of buttons Haha.