Thursday, 26 September 2013

Katie's blogging to-do list

Aka coming soon.
Aka me trying to motivate myself by committing to things publicly!

-magic goose swatches
-anxiety fact box
-rainbow connection order swatches
-taras talons ditto
-part three of 'but why' saga
-get ahead on 33dc before holiday
-a more personal mh post
-a craft tutorial that I've been meaning to do for ages
-attend Buddhist Centre (psych's idea!) drop in and post about it

Hmm is that it? Apathy is a pain! Definitely struggling to get myself going atm so need to get back into to do lists and planners and such to make sure I stay productive. Otherwise it becomes a horrible vicious cycle of feeling crap and useless and not bothering to do things thus feeling even more crap and useless and doing even less and so on....
In other news Twitter has spoken and asda and tesco were forced to listen. I could rant for hours about everything that is wrong about a mental patient Halloween costume (aside from the fact it cost twenty quid for a coat a mask and a plastic cleaver!) But I think it's been said before.... and better by others tbh. I confess to a hideous and inappropriate sense of humor and I'm frequently facetious (the above crack about the price for example...) but even I found that offensive. Pssh! Thank goodness for mind and rethink and time to change.... and not forgetting Twitter and it's membership. X

Random polish shot cos.... Well just because. The collection has grown since then :s. X