Saturday, 21 September 2013

No more waiting!

Well um ok just a little more waiting....
Rainbow connection UK (which I posted about.... At some point!) Finally opens for business on Sunday.... and in just a little excited.
So excited I decided to dedicate a whole post to it (though I confess laziness has a little to do with that too lol).
They're planning a graduated opening with the first phase this weekend looking a little like this:
We will officially start operations on Sunday, 22 Sep, 8pm with a soft launch/staggered release of these brands: Polished by KPT (pre-order event)Cadillacquer (ready stock) Liquid Sky Lacquer (ready stock) and CrowsToes Nail Color (ready stock). Other brands will follow next week. 

Exciting no? So many polishes that I've admired from afar but couldn't quite justify the hideous shipping for. My bank manager will not be happy...I on the other hand will be like a porcine creature in excrement :p. You can visit their fb here where they've written about their brand and there's a link to their website, which (did I mention this yet? Haha) will be up and running ready for orders on SUNDAY. Yea im excited...I think everyone else should be too so clicky clicky....Just don't order the last bottles of the polishes in after Hehe. X

Ps. Todays nails, one if the Barry M magnetics too lazy to check for a name.... plus I finally caved and bought seche vite lol.