Wednesday, 25 September 2013

33dc day two-most used polish

Hmm so my most used polish by a long shot is opi my boyfriend scales walls....But it's white and the rules say preferably not white! So I used an opi neon people as well which I use tonnes.
Anyway I've been wanting to do an alzheimer's awareness mani all month (September is alzheimers awareness month) life just kinda kept getting in the way lol. So since the awareness ribbon is purple I drew various different ribbons on my nails and added AD for alzheimers dementia. It's not the neatest artwork ever in not good at fiddly stuff but hey.
So alzheimer's. Means a lot to me as several of the people I care for have dementia in some form or another. There are several forms but alzheimer's is most common accounting for more than half of cases, followed by vascular dementia.
Nobody knows exactly what causes alzheimer's, though there are distinct changes which occur in the brain during the disease, including problems in individual neurones, the communication between them and the size of the brain as a whole.
Obviously the most well known symptom is memory loss, but alzheimer's is so much more than just forgetting names or dates. People can forget the most basic things such as where rooms in their house are, how to work household appliances....Or even what those appliances are. Recognition of places and people and self deteriorate. All of this can make the world a very scary place, not knowing the most basic information about yourself or your surroundings. Changes occur in mood and personality as well. Eventually individuals become less and less able to function independently and will need support from family, friends or care workers.
Oh dear it all sounds terribly bleak doesn't it? There isn't a cure but there ARE things that can be done to relieve symptoms and slow progression as well as techniques to improve quality of life. And there is research ongoing all the time. X