Friday, 13 September 2013

Quick and silly

I don't have a lot of any great import to say today tbh. So I figured I'd just share the fact that it's Roald Dahl day today. And I'm a geek so I painted Roald Dahl books on my nails. Well attempted to anyway, i'm certainly not claiming to be an artist lol. I loved Roald Dahl so much as a kid, read them all and still remember most. They're just fun Hehe. Him and Dr Zuess have a lot to answer for! Aaaaanyway did I say quick? In case it's not obvious from my amazing artwork ( :p) we have (from thumb to little finger) James and the giant peach, George's marvellous medicine, the enormous crocodile and the BFG's dream trumpet.
I confess the stories were chosen more for ease of imagery than because they are favourites.... besides I would struggle to pick favourites anyway. Yea I never grew up. Honorary mention to the twits though....I loved that one just couldn't draw it lol. 
Erm polishes? White is a Barbara Daly one, plus there's color club navy and peach, tarastalons sandcastles, barielle sailors delight, Green is simple pleasures I think and the teal-y bubbles are rimmel blue eyed girl. Plus models own nail art pen and loreal something out other for the pink nail on the magic finger.
Phew lol.
I like a bit of silliness.