Sunday, 15 September 2013

Silly little things take two

So, following on from my negative post the other day I figured I'd do a more positive post on the flip side.
Yes silly little things can kick start a downward spiral.... But the smallest comment or gesture can just as easily add a tiny happy spark to a bad day.
So often when I'm struggling visibly the people around me am what they can do. Which is a thoroughly reasonable question, it is painful to watch someone in pain and not know what you can do to help. Unfortunately the answer that trots off my tongue more often than not is 'nothing' (there's no point nothing will help I don't deserve anything....Yawn the depressed mind is terribly dull).
It's the wrong answer though. A better answer would be 'nothing special'. I don't expect people to wave a magic wand, and I don't want to turn my friends into therapists (I can't afford to pay them enough :p). The things that make all the difference are those 'silly little things'. The reminders that I'm loved, I matter, I'm real. A simple 'I hope you're okay' message, or a how are you from someone who actually wants to hear the answer. If you know someone with mental health issues the simplest and most powerful thing you can do is just check in.
That's not to day half the time I don't answer with a highly irritating 'im fine'... But that doesn't mean it haven't registered, just that talking is too much just then. Our maybe in just fine Haha. Don't be discouraged if you seem to be hitting brick walls all the time, every little helps (Oh dear lol).

I need to blog earlier in the day my brain turns to mush after dark. But my point, essentially, is that all the little things do matter and are appreciated....More than you probably realise. The best way you can help a friend is to... Be a friend basically, simple as that.

(Nails- I played with striping tape, colour club unnamed Blue topped with a blue textured 17 polish.... um I think? I'm bad at this Haha)