Wednesday, 4 December 2013

33dc + polish club = well, this!

So today is shapes for the 33 day challenge... and I was struggling to come up with anything at all when two polishes from tarastalons polish club plopped onto the doormat.
Those were the red 'Cosy night in' and a glitter 'party time'.
Soo I topped cosy night in with party time (paradoxically :p). I then rather clumsily drew a star and a heart in 17 silver holo and outlined in another new tarastalons polish 'hope' (I seriously need to behave indie polish makers will soon have more of my money than I do! (And did I mention the nails Inc order?!)). Nails Inc top coat, and we're good to go lol. My nail art could have been neater I confess, I need to stop rushing, but the polishes are lovely so I'm cool with it lol. X