Friday, 20 December 2013

True love indie-d

Oh that's poor I know, sorry lol.
Just a quick post because once again it's grown hideously late with no warning. I'm sure someone steals hours while I'm not looking!

Anyway, yes, today the results of the UK indie awards (for polish of course!) were announced. Coincidently several parcels from UK indie companies landed on my doorstep. An unfortunate habit of late night shopping from my phone has led to far too many polish purchases of late- to the point I can't even remember what I'm all waiting for! But who can resist the beauty? Especially whilst sleep deprived lol.

Today's parcels were a-england, Indy's indies and pocket money polishes (yesterday was nails inspire lol). Now in my defence a couple of these are presents.... Only a couple though :s. Of course I had to try them out instantly and in an effort to be vaguely seasonal I went for a-England's vibrant Blue 'order of the garter' topped with the snowy 'angels' from PMP.

However, I then totally messed up my own polish painting mum's nails (hence the scruff in photos!) So replaced it with another a-england 'avalon' with PMP 'torn' which is an awesome song as well as an awesome polish.... As is angels.... ok I admit it I choose the PMP's based largely on the names :p.

I will be doing a proper post of each brand plus nails inspire (and whatever else turns up!) at some point but for now have a sneak peek at the pretties. X