Thursday, 26 December 2013

It's Christmas... honest!

Yep so today is officially Christmas at the Wright residence. Once I'd finished work anyway :p lol.
I have to set I've been disgustingly spoilt.... But I'm pretty sure the rest of the family have been too Haha.
Since it was present day I thought I'd paint presents on my nails.... and a little tree for them to go under lol. Base colour is a-England again cos I can't get enough atm, then silver models own nail art pen, plus little dots in rimmel space dust shooting stars, I like an excuse to use it tbh. Sorry about the pics I'm tired and lazy tonight!
Like I say I was entirely spoilt but just to stick to nails I have a new manicure set, a buffer some acetone and practical bits and...... The tarastalons gift box! The photo is of the contents, rather unceremoniously dumped in a gift bag before they went astray and ended up in the bin. I'll do a proper pic at some point but I couldn't resist popping one up tonight :) Hehe. X