Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Way back when I ordered from belle glamour I received two bonus glitters, a black and a white. Today I finally played with the black one. I admit I've been a little nervous about using it cos I've never tried loose glitter before. All I think when I hear 'glitter' is guides and mess and having sparkly eyebrows for the next three weeks!
However, glitter is beautiful so I put all that aside and prepared to be brave. And was pleasantly surprised at how un-hideous it was lol.
I didn't have a huge amount of time today so I just did basic polish with one glitter accent. The polish is purple polka dotty...I've been wanting to wear it for weeks but it keeps getting bumped lol. I love it a lot though :).
I'm not sure entirely how well the combination works really but on the plus side I fell confident about using the glitter again. The white in desperate to use in some sort of Christmas mani but haven't quite formulated what yet lol.
Oh and just to add to the purple overload there's a bonus shot of what I wore earlier. That one is tarastalons citrine (one of the ones I couldn't find a pic for yesterday) and rimmel deliciously dark with born pretty store studdy things.  X