Saturday, 7 December 2013

Day 33 and desperation

Phew final day of 33 day challenge. Wrapping it up with 'freestyle/recreate someone else's mani'. I kinda went for a mish mash of both in that I decided to recreate Hey darling polish's Harry Potter mani....decided i wasn't that clever, dumbed it down for myself and then went off on a tangent lol. Still that was my starting point.
My reasons for choosing were three fold a) it's purdy b) i'm a total Harry Potter geek and c) she did this for Europe week, which is one of the ones I missed :p. So I'm counting this for both Haha. Oh and the deathly hallows symbol, I've decided, is going down as geometric. Check, check, check all days complete.... ish. Did I mention the desperation?! Lol.
Anyway it's late so here's my wonky attempt with HP (for Harry Potter rather than the sauce lol), Harry's glasses, the scar, a golden snitch and the deathly hallows.
First pic is the pretty original (sorry it's a screenshot it was easiest that way), second is my attempt with nails Inc leather effect polish and gold models own artstix nail art pen.