Monday, 9 December 2013

Tarastalons in pictures

Because I buy an obscene amount of tt polishes ( btw) and always mean to post about them. Problem is I'm easily distracted and not particularly good at swatching or photography.
Some of these are recent, some are a bit older. By way of review all I'll say is that they apply beautifully and I swear Tara's formula gets better by the day lol. I was a little concerned with the heart glitter one cos I totally lack patience for fishing...I needn't have worried though the glitters appear effortlessly. If I repeat any I'm sorry, but they're pretty enough to look at twice anyway :p lol.

Good start cos I've forgotten the name of the first one!
Second is hope.
Third is old Blue eyes.
Fourth is blueberry cheesecake (and some elephants lol).
Fifth is bon bons.
Last is robots.

I have more and I thought I had pictures, I've certainly worn them all, but evidently I don't lol. I'll get round to it some day! X