Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Bear with! pocket money polish swatches

Bear with a) because this post could become messy due to one again trying to do this from phone and b) I love Miranda :p...The tv show as opposed to some random unsuspecting woman! Oh I talk nonsense at night, need to start posting during the day. Anyway without further ado, on to the actual point of this post! I've got to say I've been coveting several PMP for a while, and holding off more due to indecision than anything else lol. In the end I made most of the decisions based more on the names than the polishes, since the polishes were all beautiful anyway lol. Two of them were a 'shuffle' because I can never resist the allure of potluck polishes lol. As a general overview I love the music theme of these polishes, they were easy to apply even for glitter-impatient me. They also arrived really quickly which is always a bonus, it's not just glitter I'm impatient with! Oh and the brand is a UK indie which is always a good thing (speaking of, don't forget to check out the uk polish blogger ladies at the end).
I cheated and bunged several on at once cos I was feeling lazy sorry! So we have
This is 'time of my life'. I was drawn to it for.... reasons we won't get into right now, and I was slightly concerned it might be a bit 'cutesy' for me. Turns out I actually kinda love it. The squares make it just that little bit more interesting and different and the scatter of holo glitter brings it all together. The stars (Oh yea it has stars i just didn't catch any this time lol) and hearts are a nice size and I like the confetti life translucency of some of the glitter.
This one is 'I want candy' I actually chose this one for the polish not the name Haha. I've been listing agreed it for a very long time and it didn't disappoint. I love bright glitters a lot and the variety of shapes and sizes in here are such fun (more miranda lol). I particularly like the teeny tiny glitters cos I think they add me depth.
Middle finger is 'magic'. As in 'it's a kinda...' and we're back in the realms of choosing by names lol. I love Queen. A lot. I did also like the colours of this if that redeems me at all, plus I don't own anything like it. I'm a major purple addict so I love the occasional people hexes against the vibrant Green... and again the variety is awesome.
Fourth brings us to keep the faith, which was one of the shuffle polishes. And one I probably would have chosen for myself (had I been being sensible and picking by colours rather than bands lol). The bright blue is a beautiful colour and the flashes of gold set it off wonderfully. The little finger is actually an indies indy polish, and not particularly well painted so we'll ignore that lol.
So, this is nights in white satin. A beautiful polish for a beautiful song. My polish collection contains a lot of very bright colours and I've been trying to add in a few more subtle staples. This foods the bill perfectly. It's understated and elegant with it's subtle colour and pearly finish. It's also surprisingly opaque, I expected at least the layers for such a pale colour, this is only two. The red btw is a Barry m and I'll come back to that another time.
Then I added 'hungry eyes' on top of the red. This was the second shuffle polish and is a very bling mix of white and go gold. I really love those little white squares. I also like the fact this is a slightly sparser glitter, keeps things different.
Then we have the two I already showed you cos i couldn't resist playing with them immediately. Angels and torn two songs which crop up frequently in my playlists and, I suspect, will now be popping up frequently in my nails too. I've been having great fun with the snowy look of angels given the time of year. And as for torn I kind of love it too much to think of anything to say lol. Phew! You can buy pocket money polishes here. And I think you should :p. X