Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Quick and lazy 33dc

And I mean really really lazy. In that I only did one nail. Actually I started two which would have been a complete mani with three block colours and two accent nails. But I smudged the first whilst doing the second...Since i didn't have the energy to redo and don't anticipate a sudden surge of motivation tomorrow I figured I'd post as is. Have I mentioned I hate winter? Not the cold so much as the short days and lack of sunlight. It's always been the biggest and most consistent trigger for a downward spiral in my mental health. No energy no motivation no interest in anything. I don't have the heart to tell people who are trying to be complimentary that the reason I 'look so well' and 'seem so relaxed' is that I really don't give a f*** about anything atm.
Oof pity party, get the violins out lol. I'm amazed anyone reads this crap it's just me whinging of late sorry. Fed up with myself tonight!
Moving on.
So the favourite polishes. This is a cruel and impossible question :p. So instead I chose representatives Haha. The first is tarastalons bonbons, waving the banner for both indies and shimmers. Then dots of nails Inc new york noir, my current love Haha, representing all polishes with good formulas that apply effortlessly and without annoying me! Last is the silver rimmel space dust (shooting stars?) Reflecting my new found obsession with textured polishes. Bizarre considering how against them I was until recently. I think it's the addition of glitter that made all the difference Haha.
Soooo yes here's my one nail lol. X