Sunday, 8 December 2013

Mental health news

I'm feeling lazy and thought I'd do a linky post. Plus fun as the 33 day challenge was it's meant I've rather neglected the mh aspect of this blog. So:
-Rethink is running a campaign fighting to get more people faster access to talking therapies. It is very, very hard to access any sort of talking therapy through the nhs (Trust me) and many Leone are unable to afford it arrange a private alternative.

-Jonathan Trott's 'stress related illness' (as appears to be the favoured phrase) got the sports world taking about mental health, pressure in sports and the psychological impact of 'sledging'.

-The government's appeal against a benefits ruling earlier this year was turned down. The ruling in May was about the way in which employment support eligibility is assessed and find it to be disadvantageous to those with mental health problems.

-Another mp has stood up and spoken out about his mental health problems. He adds his voice to the increasing number of public figures trying to break down barriers and fight stigma.

- Many people are also also speaking out to ask the g8 to tackle alzheimer's and other forms of dementia ahead of their planned summit.

Plus much more in sure but those are the ones that particularly caught my eye lately. Have you spotted any mental health stories that have grabbed your attention lately? X

Ps. Image is Strawberry fields, the John lennon memorial in new york's Central Park, because 'imagine' seemed appropriate. X