Monday, 16 December 2013


Always believe in your soul?! Ahem cheesy eighties pop sorry.
Today I have slightly uncharacteristic nails in that they're kinda bling...for me at least, I'm not a huge gold fan out a huge glitter fan. I do like this glitter topper a lot though, is got a nice balance and I like that it has the slightly warmer coloured micro glitter too which gives it a little more depth. I bought it, along with the gold on my ring finger, in a mystery bag from a blog sale but I'm struggling to remember whose! Possibly geeky owl.... Then again possibly not lol. Anyway the topper is sea lore adella and the gold is polish me crazy pot of gold. The black is nails Inc new york noir of course. Also using nails Inc top and base atm in my quest to find a top coat I actually like!
I'm still in a weird limbo of wanting to be christmassy but having no ideas (despite all the beautiful holiday manis flying around!). This was by way of a compromise, sort of festive but not really.
I Wore it to the local pub Christmas quiz, maybe I hoped the gold would inspire us towards the top spot. Our maybe not, we feel slightly short in fourth place lol. Oh and it involved wine so the photography is even worse than usual :p. X