Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I actually tried with my nails!

For the first time in ages lol. Today I had little planned other than autoglass coming to fix a chip (they can't I need my third new screen since I got the car 18 months ago!), picking up a prescription (I couldn't they don't have it) and handing in my timesheets (this I achieved lol).

None of which is the point. The point is, I figured that because I had little today I'd actually plan out a proper look. It turns out, however, that I have very little imagination so I just based it round what I'm wearing lol.

The blue and Black nails Inc that I've forgotten the names of because they're in the other room lol and the pink is Barry m pink grapefruit. Yes one of the dreaded gellys that I dislike so much....But it served a purpose in that I needed good coverage, now it cam go back into exile lol. X