Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Continuing the quest for Christmas cheer

Yawn sorry for the barrage of not-quite-Christmas nails. I really will do something of more substance soon!
Christmas rather dominates everything this time of year though doesn't it? And my disorganised nature means I have an obscene amount still to do. Plus I appear to have become branch Secretary for ringing which could be interesting lol.
Anyway on to nails, not much to say. I didn't like the first effort at all. Dotty Christmas tree of nameless colour club, tarastalons toy train, tarastalons eat your greens and the colgate nails Inc (lol) with a maybelline winner takes it all star over tarastalons cozy night in. Plus winner takes it all and colgate presents on thumb.
Anyway moving on to the one I actually kinda like. Couldn't get much simpler, toy train topped with glitter me this (I think that's a brand actually? But that's all it says on the bottle). Admittedly the glitter is now pink than red but it was close enough for me lol. X