Friday, 13 December 2013

sort of Christmas

And the British nail bloggers inlinkz that I keep meaning to share and eternally forget! Which is very naughty of me cos there are some seriously talented ladies on the list.

Anyway, did someone mention Christmas? I'm totally lacking in holiday based nail inspiration atm tbh. I love Christmas a lot but never seem to manage to get 'in the mood' until the very last minute. Still in enjoying looking at everyone else's Christmas manis, many of which I'm totally in awe of Haha.
Anyway my first kinda christmassy look is red, green and gold (can you tell I've been following the digit-al dozen? Lol) with contrasting studs featuring tarastalons toy train as the green, maybelline winner takes all as the gold and nails Inc luminous red metallic as.... Well red.

I'm not entirely sure why that's a weird size/shape? Seems tall and thin....I need to learn to work my phone. Or ya know, buy a camera lol.

was based loosely around the song silent night as it was stuck in my head....of course now everytime i look at it i think of Starry Starry night and get that stuck in my head instead! Not helpful, esprvially as it isn't even a christmas song lol. Still.tarastalons 'old blue eyes' for the background, belle glamour white glitter, rimmel space dust shooting stars and color club silver.

And I'll leave you with that inlinkz so you can see how it should be done! X