Monday, 9 December 2013

Another quick Christmas effort

Cos I'm seriously lacking in nail art enthusiasm. My motivation has gone on strike and imagination had followed in a show of solidarity!
Still, white, textured silver glitter and a snow flake... gotta be seasonal right?
The White is a new nails Inc (I'll do a post of these at some point). Silver is rimmel space dust shooting stars... again. And color club silver for the snow flake. Sort of snow flake. That's what it's meant to be....having issues with irritatingly shaky hands lately which is not so helpful for the painting lol.
I liked the idea of this more than I liked the result and consequently it didn't stay on long! Second shot is what I replaced it with. Distinctly less christmassy but much easier to execute lol. Though I did play with nail glue for the first time so those poor little hearts were stuck in allsorts of places before reaching my nail lol.
The pink is yet another new polish  called handmade, by tarastalons. I don't wear a huge amount of pinks but I like this the array of gold glitters makes it more interesting. The hearts are from a born pretty wheel.
Night. X

Ps. My hands are yuck sorry! The weather is poor and I've been neglecting nice things like moisturiser lol. X

Pps. I definitely forgot to actual publish this last not lol. Oh dear! x