Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas all

Yawn hope it's been a good one. In shattered and we haven't even had our 'official Christmas' yet (if the Queen has two birthdays we can have two Christmases!).
Today I worked, which I always rather enjoy, it's nice to see 'my ladies' on christmas day. The brother also worked as he's a chef, so we went and had a delayed lunch down the pub where he works.
Tomorrow we open presents... impressed with the restraint? Lol. Then saturday we have the big lunch with all the family and crackers and merriment and overindulgence and such. Oh and three hours ringing!
Basically we stretch Christmas lol.
Two quick nails, snowy scene yesterday with nails Inc new york noir, pocket money polishes white satin. And nails inspire holo top coat. Today a-England avalon, rimmel spacedust shooting stars and born pretty store stars.
Night. X

Oh damn, I took pics of the first one on my tab lol, I'll put them up tomorrow. X