Sunday, 22 December 2013

A random new project

Ok so it's Saturday and you know I fail at posting Saturdays.... despite the fact it's my day off I still manage to be shattered and lazy by the end of it lol.

Anyway, bearing this in mind, I thought I'd do a quick post on my little project for the new year. 'Wreck this journal' is a book you may have heard of. Each page contains instructions such as 'fill in this page when you're really angry', 'drop the book from a great height', 'create a drawing using a piece of your hair' and other such randomness.

And I do enjoy randomness very much. I also like creativity but only in a reasonably structured way, I need a starting point cos I'm not really artistic (this may be why I love nail challenges lol). So, when I was looking at buying this as a Christmas present for a friend, I couldn't resist buying myself a copy. I admit there are a few pages that my more crazy side finds a little distressing 'colour outside the lines' for example, or disgarding a page. But challenging oneself is good right?

Anyway, I may post the odd update on the journal of I actually remember to stick to it! Lol. But I thought it was quite fun so figured I'd share. Night. X