Sunday, 22 December 2013

Little Things and little minds and vaseline

Oh I really am quite easily pleased. This doesn't necessarily show when I'm particularly unwell but little things will always make me smile.
Atm the little thing I'm smiling at is this little tin of vaseline. Everyone loves vaseline right? I've nearly always got one of the little lip therapy tins somewhere.... saying that I dint remember to use it quite as often as I should, and never finish a tin cos I always lose it lol.
Since this was the case with the last one I bought I randomly picked up a tin in boots, and figured I'd go mad and buy cocoa butter instead of my usual aloe Vera.

And it makes me smile. Cos it smells nice. That's pretty much the whole point of this post: cocoa butter vaseline smells nice lol. And since I used to use vaseline on my fingers way back when I was a hideous nail biter and cuticle chewer I figured I'd do that too.... and it seems to help (and did I mention it smells nice?).

So I'm happy. And felt the need to share lol. Sorry, I have a post to write about the guides and the bells and the old folks home (which sounds like the start of a joke!) But I need to be awake for that. X