Sunday, 29 December 2013

Pot lock polishing

Soooo I have many, many new tarastalons polishes to play with :). This is exciting indeed!
It does however pose the problem of which pretty shiny things to play with first. I've decided, in a somewhat childish move, to play a game. Reach into the bag, grab a polish, decision made. Of course there are also nail art mixes to have fun with but I'll be more logical about those lol. So far the two I've grabbed from the lucky dip are the blue 'tinsel' (which would have been better layered on top of something, I'll do that at some point) and 'dancer' which is a great fun mix of.... anything and everything lol. Including skull glitter. I do love taras glitters a lot, they always apply nicely and the proportions are good.
Since I'm sure I'll find many other things to ramble about in between I'll probably do one long post on these polishes once a week or so.
I must do some proper nail art at some point too and actually start planning posts properly lol. Ho hum. X