Thursday, 1 January 2015

31 day challenge day 1- tutorial

Ah ok so i aid i was going to post more....and instead i disappeared! Motivation is a huge issue right now, avoidance is the name of the game and I'm sticking my head in the sand about a lot of things.
But i miss nails and blogging. So I've decided to do something a little mental and join the 31 day challenge on crumpet's nail tarts. Bit of an extreme dive into the deep end but ho hum, kill or cure right?!

Oh dear so many words and i haven't even started talking about the mani! I did this a week or so ago now. My friend shared some monkey charity day  thing on Facebook and i joked that i should try out this tutorial by adventures in acetone,  in honour of the occasion. So I did haha. And i think they're rather cute...execution isn't that great but I'm still reasonably pleased with the result :). There are lots of polishes here! The base is a saran wrap mani of Barry m cardamom and a-England St George (i actually kinda really liked the base lol). Monkey is Barry m cocoa and barry m caramel (sounds tasty haha). The black and white are both nails Inc, floral street and new york noir.

Phew! That was long. Anyway onwards and upwards, tomorrow is tape and i like tape so here goes we'll see how far i get :p. Oh and don't forget to check out everyone else via the in linkz dewberry. X