Saturday, 17 January 2015

31 day challenge day 16- tranquillity

Blimey, now over halfway through this challenge. ..I'll be honest i wasn't entirely sure I'd get this far! Actually i wasn't entirely sure I'd get past the first week haha. But I'm having a lot of fun :D and i hippie all the other ladies are too.

So, tranquillity. It had to be water. For me personally swimming is one of the most peaceful things i can think of. As a Norfolk girl i was brought up with water pretty much everywhere and was taken swimming basically as soon as i got home from the hospital lol. I love it. We (that is, baby brother and me) swam a lot as kids. Was part of the local swimming club, swam everywhere we went on holiday, lakes, rivers, the sea. I seriously love it.
I don't go very often any more because, well, self harm and scars and stuff. I'm not ashamed per se, it's just that they're very obvious. They let people know a certain amount about me and my past. And as a reasonably private person i find it quite uncomfortable making that kind of statement about myself to the general public.
When we went to Mexico we went to a water park and swam with dolphins....the whole dolphin thing was cool and all but tbh i was more excited just about the general water park and being able to swim. Lol.

Anyway, major ramble! The nails started with barry m elderberry. I then sponged on barry m blackberry, polished by KPT bleu cruiser (which is pretty much made for watery manis btw) and magic goose Hebridean Sea (appropriate! Lol). Next i added a very sparse coat of a fine silver holo glitter from nails inspire (there's no name on the bottle). Lastly i did some water spotting! After the trials and tribulations of the water spotting prompt earlier in this challenge i got scared here and took photos before i started haha. But i think the water spotting actually turned out kinda ok. I used the same 17 silver holo i used for my  holo mani and it seemed to spread nicely in the water, definitely less stress than last time anyway lol.

Oh my goodness it's late...and this is long again! Must be bed time lol. x