Sunday, 18 January 2015

31 day challenge day 18- artwork

Oh dear, I've skittered about every which way with today's prompt! My natural indecisiveness was supplemented by need to find something that i was actually capable of reproducing! Lol.

In the end i decided on this image by Sam Toft. I have a couple of Sam Toft prints in my room and i had a huge version of this one hanging above my bed for a long time. It's now sitting behind my bed after it spontaneously fell down one night and i was too lazy to hang it back up (and, um, a little wary's a large picture to be worrying about falling on your head haha). I'll be honest, the thing i enjoy most about it is the caption 'born to be wild', it just makes me smile.

These took a really long time....and are nothing like anything I've ever done before. The result isn't great but I'm reasonably happy since it's so wildly out of my comfort zone (you know that Friends but 'you're so far past the line you can't even see the line, the line is a dot to you'?...yea, that's my comfort zone right now lol).

Polishes! Erm?? Started with a base of Barry m coconut. After that it's all a bit vague. I played about sponging, bubble wrapping, painting and whatever else using various combinations of: barry m caramel, barry m cocoa, barry m cappuccino, barry m black, barry m mustard, o.p.i. stranger tides and sinful colors unicorn. And lots of acetone and thinner and about two billion different brushes. I have lots of mess to tidy up now lol. x