Thursday, 29 January 2015

31 day challenge day 28- non glitter topper

Ok so i confess, i just chose my topper and then cobbled together a mani to do with it haha. Simply because a-England hurt no living thing is one of my favourite polishes ever. I assume it counts as a topper, I'm not really entirely sure of the technicalities but it's too sheer to wear alone (for me anyway).

I then used barry m nightshade as a base, it was sitting out next to me lol. And i added some random dots. Because dots are fun. And oh look, the colours are inverted on my thumb and ring finger haha.

I can't say I'm totally enamored with my a may have mentioned during my blobbicure rant, random is something i find hard! But i didn't have the time or energy for pristine, neatly spaced dots. I do like the two polishes together though. And did i mention i love hurt no living thing?! Lol.

Apologies for the photos, i struggled to get one that really showed what hurt no living thing looks like. I really need to do something about the way i take photos! Any tips for things i can do without spending much/any money? (The phone as camera situation is unlikely to change any time soon!).

And once again it's midnight, oops! Don't forget to check out the prettiness in the in linkz below. Night. x