Thursday, 22 January 2015

31 day challenge day 21- three shades of green/yellow

Hey hey. Well if you thought yesterday's effort was simple and lazy just habe a look at today's :p.

I kept coming up with a complete and utter blank on what to do for this prompt. I was vaguely tempted to do a norwich city mani but meh! Lol. In the end i resorted to collecting together all the greens i own into a pile on the floor and grabbing three i thought would fit together.

I ended up with barry m key lime and watermelon, and nail lacquer uk sprinkles (isn't that a fun glitter?! Hehe). I toyed with the idea of mixing up my accent nails but in the interest of laziness i ended up with the usual lol. I layered sprinkles over watermelon so the lime green glitters would really stand out then just added some simple dots of watermelon on top of key lime to make those fingers look like they were actually involved in the mani haha.

You may have noticed I've taken the crazy route and am doing the prompts as they come around each day instead of working ahead (there are many solid reasons for this, honest! Lol). Unfortunately on busy  days that means i don't always have time for fancy haha. This is the sort of look i wear day to day when i went something vaguely interesting (well more than plain colour anyway) but can't be bothered to actually create it! In fact this is positively extravagant, usually I'd ditch the glitter and just invert the colours for the accent lol.

Oh well i should have more time tomorrow. x