Wednesday, 28 January 2015

31 day challenge day 27- recreate one of your own old manis

You may have noticed that i tend to say things like 'i quite liked this, I'd like to come back and practice it again some time' rather a lot. You may also have noticed that i never do! So today's prompt should be perfect right? I just had no idea where to start haha. In the end i just went back to my very first blog post and scrolled through until i found something i fancied (though i did get wildly distracted in the process lol). Something turned out to be a purple ruffle mani.

I originally did this for a challenge this time last year. The prompt was clothing and i chose this petticoat as inspiration.

I followed a tutorial on chalkboard nails and used about two billion polishes. And the finished result looked like this.

I said at the time I should have done a proper ombre based on lightening/darkening just one polish, so that's what u did this time. I chose a-England guinevere, which isn't quite the right colour, i just like it lol. I lightened it with barry m matte white and darkened it with rimmel salon pro rhythm and blues (which is actually navy not black because the colours in the petticoat seemed to lean more blue towards the hem).

The base colour was rimmel lose your lingerie and the ribbon barry m nightshade. I was going for a 'sloppy bow' type thing on thumb and ring but i think it kinda just looks scruffy lol. I'm still not wildly impressed with my ruffling skills, i could have done with making sure i went right up to the edges of the nail better for a start. But i do think it's an improvement on the original, which i remember not being very impressed with, so that's a plus. x