Sunday, 11 January 2015

31 day challenge day 11- reversed polarities

Ah, the most dramatic of all the prompts...this one seems to have caused chaos amongst participants! And yes that definitely includes me haha. I had several vague ideas but no real inspiration. For a long time i was planning to do blue clouds on a white background.
In the end though i went for blobby roses. They were one of the first real nail arty things i tried (back when i had about ten polishes and a box of toothpicks haha) and i have kind of a soft spot for them. So yes, reverse the colours, we'll have blue roses in a pink background. Except that just like funky colour roses haha. So i added in the 'before' of pink roses on a blue background, just to hander home the point haha.

Blue is color club but there's no name on the bottle. Pink is Sally Hanse Xtreme wear raspberry rave. Green is Barry m (yay barry's back! Lol) watermelon. The lighter colours are just the above mixed with nails Inc floral street.

I was convinced i was going to hate this mani all the way through doing it...but i thunk i kinda like it haha. It's not my favouritetist most bestest thing ever or anything but the colours are fun...and i do like roses haha. x