Tuesday, 20 January 2015

31 day challenge day 19- fire

Today i had a rare moment of decisiveness planning this mani. As soon as i saw the prompt i thought campfires. No surprise having aving spent many, many years as a Guide (well 16 anyway). Who doesn't love a good song along around the campfire...especially with a few toasted marshmallows to combat the cold. I love camp and the campfire is one of my favourite parts.
I love the smoky smell and the crackling of the fire, the gentle showers of sparks rising as something settles. I love the safety and togetherness of the group. A small circle of friends huddling in to keep it the cold and the real world. I enjoy the silliness and the peacefulness and the familiarity of campfire songs. And the freedom and anonymity afforded by the darkness that strips away self consciousness and embarrassment.

Um yea that went off into a bit of a ramble! Suffice to say i like campfires lol. Anyway.

The second thing i thought when i saw the prompt was that i had to use tarastalons bonfires. I bought this a while back for the express purpose of doing a mani like this...and of course never got round to it! Lol. So thumb, ring and pinkie have that as the base. My index and middle fingers have iconic effects the longest night, i thought the black with its scattering of tiny glitters would be perfect for a clear night sky. I painted my little campfire with lots of Barry ms...mustard, chilli, cocoa, chai, satsuma, cappuccino and coconut. I think that's all. Plus some little marshmallows peaking in from the side. Speaking of marshmallows i used sons of the same colours to paint a toasting one of my index finger, plus a little barry m black. I also used barry m for the Guide trefoil on my pinkie, notes on the middle and the words on the thumb. The words are a line from one of the songs we often sing to close the campfire (i kinda really wanted 'campfires burning' but it didn't fit well on the nail lol). Phew.

I'm not particularly overjoyed with how the middle finger turned out, or particularly the notes and trefoil. But i do kinda like the idea and im pretty pleased with my writing. (You may notice I'm trying to start being more positive about my efforts, cos self deprecation is dull lol). x