Wednesday, 14 January 2015

31 day challenge day 13- inspired by pinterest

Day 13, unlucky for some? Well for me at least! The prompt is so promising...i mean really, i love it. I'm totally pinterest obsessed and my 'nail inspiration' board is jam packed with all sorts of things. Unfortunately everything i attempted went horribly wrong. I'm not entirely sure why, just one of those days i guess.
Anyway, having tried every which way to get my original few ideas to work (all variations on a theme) a random idea popped into my head and i changed direction entirely. Anyone who follows the digital dozen will remember the The Dalai Lama's Nails doing a version of the last polar bear by John Tibbott for their December week. I'd had the image pinned for a while and when i saw her post i felt a. Strangely validated that not all my ideas were totally stupid and b. Totally intimated about actually trying the idea now since hers were so totally immaculate.
That's not really relevant. The image just popped into my head for no real reason and it occurred to me that i could mix it up by changing the colours about. So blues have been replaced by browns and polar bears have been replaced by frogs. Why? I have absolutely no idea! But they're kinda cute lol. I like frogs.
Polishes are barry m caramel as base, barry m paprika for the lines, barry m spring green for the froggies and nails Inc floral street and black taxi for white and black. Seems that barry is well and truly back haha. x