Friday, 16 January 2015

31 day challenge day 15- green base

Ah, another colour prompt! And green no less. I hardly ever wear green!

So i did vines idea, just because lol. I started with barry m cardamom. Then, having decided on the vine thong (ok so that's a prefictive text error bur it made me laugh so I'm leaving it lol) i realised i needed a lighter base. I rectified this by sponging on some barry m caramel. Because, well, it was already out whereas its similar coloured friends are tucked away in their drawer, three whole places away across the room!

Having evidently not learnt from yesterday's mixing experience, i then darkened cardamom with barry m black and drew some random vines. Lazily. It's getting late lol. It looked kinda dull so o added some random dots of Barry m elderberry (why is this light blue called elderberry?! Lol) and rimmel lose your lingerie.

I don't know what i think about this mani. I think i like it better in theory than in reality. But then, as you may have noticed,  I've been in a lazy mood tonight so maybe I'll try it again properly some time. x