Tuesday, 6 January 2015

31 day challenge day 6- half and half

Half and half? Randomly the only thing that would come into my head for this was coffee (my nanny drinks 'half and half' (water and milk) coffee) haha. So it took me a while to come up with anything! 

But eventually i settled on half stamped nails. And shock horror we have another thumb-rug accent. Although actually toys time it wasn't entirely deliberate- i was going to use the pattern on my thumb and ring for all five fingers....except i realised the pattern is bigger than my nails! Haha. I kinda wish I'd started again and just done all roses but ho hum i was being lazy ;).
I love black and gold together (plus gold is easy to stamp :p)...bit in the end I made a last minute substitution for this very deep purple as a background colour. Just because i like purple really haha.

Had it not been for that switch i might finally have succeeded in producing a mani which didn't contain a single barry m polish haha. As it is we have Barry m nightshade as the base and maybelline winner takes all (i think? I appear to have polished over the name haha) for the stamping.

And let's just talk about the stamping for a second. The image comes from moyou London pro plate 04, which i got in a stamping set for Christmas from my brother's girlfriend. So much excitement for that! Haha. The kit contained a stamper and scraper, the polishes and two plates (04 and 08). Seriously so happy with this gift haha.

Aaanyway I'm blathering on again! haha. Nitpicking aside (there's a thin patch on the purple on my ring finger for example!) I'm actually quite happy with this one so that's a bonus :). x

Ps. I'm not sure why the colours are so odd in these photos, my hands assents that red, honest! Lol. Maybe it's the bright background (I'm trying to remember to take photos with pain backgrounds instead of the clutter of my room/bathroom...unfortunately said background is my bedsheets haha). x