Wednesday, 14 January 2015

31 day challenge day 14- holo

Holo, yay! Who doesn't love a bit of holo, right? And, even better, i had remarkably little indecision over this mani.
One of my favourite things to do with holos is stamp. Usually over black. So that's what i did (actually toys isn't quite black but I'll come back to that). And i wanted to try stamping with more than one colour at a time. So i picked three colours, which was easy enough as i don't own many holos, and started stamping. The potential sticking point over which stamp to use was overcome but using loads of them haha. The random stamping wasn't based on any artistic merit, i was just playing and wanted to try out the different patterns haha.
Now. The base is, for some reason, nails Inc black taxi mixed with barry m coconut. I say 'for some reason' basically because i randomly decided I'd rather have a deep grey than a pure black base. This would have been fine if it weren't for the fact i don't own one! Lol. So most of the work in this mani went into a barely perceptible lightening of the black lol. The holos are fancy lacquer moody blue (damn i love this polish! Sadly the bottle is nearly empty!), 17 silver holo and freckles polish I'll need wine. The freckles will appear as a swatch at some's beautiful!
So that's my holo effort. The photos are pretty unrevealing...i don't think mobile phone cameras and holo polishes were ever made to be best friends! There's a random matted picture at the end just to try to show the stamps better. x