Saturday, 24 January 2015

31 day challenge day 23- white base

I thought I'd have a go at stamping again today, mainly cos I'm feeling lazy lol (plus i got in at about midnight, oops! Haha).

I went for a sort of floral-y, monochrome (hey, haven't we already had that?! Lol) type look. It didn't occur to me until halfway through that i was basing the design loosely on the plates one of the ladies i care for uses! Random lol.

Anyway not much to say. I used a new white today in the form of barry m matte  white (figured I'd better use 'proper' white for this instead of 'coconut'). I stamped with barry m chai and the black from the moyo London stamping set from Christmas. I picked some random flowery things from moyo London pro plate 04.

I kinda like these. If I'd had more time/motivation i would have planned it out a bit more and improved the placement and balance of colours and stuff. But i was still quite pleased with the look as a whole. Apart from some smudging but shh we won't mention that! ;). x