Wednesday, 7 January 2015

31 day challenge day 7- pink and aqua

Brought to you by UK indies (and no barry m! Lol).
I had lots of vague idea for this floating around my head...but then i came down with the dreaded plague (or, you know, a cold haha) and I'm feeling lazy. So what we have is a very simple dotticure with  freckles polish he's been he's been! And dark metal lacquer gas in veins. The freckles polish arrived today and i just had to use it haha. So that sorted the pink. The DML is maybe stretching the definition of aqua a bit but i wanted another holo. Oh yea, they're holos...a fact which totally fails to show up in my photos! Sorry about that I'll take proper pics of the freckles soon :).

So there you are. Simples. But i actually rather like it, i love the two polishes anyway so am is well haha. Check out what all the non lazy ladies habe been doing, via the in linkz. x