Sunday, 4 January 2015

31 day challenge day 4- happiness

Ah ok so I'll confess i was wildly geeky with my interpretation of this prompt! But hey a little geekery makes me happy too so it's all gravy :p.

Soo what have we? Little bit of psychology/biology fun. The thumb is serotonin and the ring is dopamine. These are two neurotransmitters found in the brain. Dopamine is in part responsible for feelings of pleasure. Serotonin is...a little uncertain but it's thought to be connected to depression and anxiety (or rather lack thereof) amongst other things. It is the chemical that modern anti depressants aim to increase levels of. Speaking of which, the green and yellow is my little 'joke'- they're the colour of prozac capsules haha.

This is one of those manis that suffered from the disparity between what i want to do and what I'm actually capable of doing! Lol. The drawing is pretty scruffy...bit it was better than i expected so I'll take it!

Polishes. Um well lots haha. The dark yellow is tarastalons sandcastles (my bottle is nearly empty *cries*) and the dark green is tarastalons toy train. Light yellow and green are both color club- unicorn and mint apple . Black is nails Inc black taxi again. Blue and red are nails Inc too- baker street and the hurlingham.

So yea, those are my happy, geeky nails haha. X

Ps. And a random silly picture hehe. x