Tuesday, 20 January 2015

31 day challenge day 20- rainbow

Yay, rainbow :D. I love brought colours and anything multicoloured and rainbowy and cheerful! The only problem is i think i used up all my decisiveness yesterday! I had no idea what to do today at all.
I have a few rainbow manis pinned but they're mainly dots and I've got irritating shaky hands today which makes precision difficult! And whilst i love rainbow gradients the idea of all that faff didn't appeal lol. So i went for something very simple (and inspired by a cake (see below)). Which i actually kinda like after several very busy manis recently. Also, not the return of the thumb-ring accents haha.

I started with yet more barry m coconut on the base (when did i last do a mani without this polish?! Lol). Then i cut little heart shaped holes in a strip of sellotape and stuck them on my nails before painting on the rainbow stripes. Colours there are (from red to purple): nails Inc st James, barry m mango, nails Inc belsize park, barry m spring green, nails Inc baker street, barry m blackberry and nails Inc bond street.....erm the alternation between nails Inc and barry m wasn't intentional haha.

These look kinda better in real life, the photos show up lots of imperfections! I misjudged how much time i had before going ringing so was rushing being a little sloppy. I like the idea though...it kinda reminds me of something but i can't place what. I toyed with the idea of doing something on the other fingers but i think i quite like the cleanness of them left blank. Plus, who can fail to love something inspired by cake? Haha. x