Sunday, 25 January 2015

31 day challenge day 24- decals

Oh my, decals! I've been a little terrified of this prompt tbh. I assume it meant stamping decals, that's what I've done anyway lol (and i don't own any ready made decals so that's kinda irrelevant haha).

I'll be honest, there are an awful lot of problems with this....but I'm not particularly unhappy with it. It certainly turned out a lot better than i anticipated haha. Clearly i could use a lot more practice...but i don't feel so traumatised by the whole experience that the mere idea of practicing it fills me with horror...unlike certain other techniques from this week haha.

It's not very exciting. The image i choose mainly because i don't have many to choose from and this was one of the few that lent itself to 'colouring in'. It's from mo you London pro plate either 08 or 05 i forget which but they're the only ones i own lol. I then chose the colours to fit in with the image. Pastel pink in the form of barielle sailors delight and then a white background to the silhouette in the form of Barry m matte white. The black is the one from the stamping set again.

And that's about it. I'd like to come back to this technique some time, I'll admit i didn't give it the time or attention it deserved this time round. x